The Youth Against COVID-19

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The recent initiative implemented within Syunik-Development NGO’s Youth for Peace project was not a regular one conveying the message of peace. It was a special initiative entitled Youth Against COVID-19 and had a strong focus on how to be protected from COVID-19. … Continued

Beekeeping as a Stable Source of Income

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Honeybees play a significant role not only in terms of plant pollination, but also in terms of economic activity. Due to favourable climate conditions, Armenia is known as an ancient center of beekeeping. Beekeeping as a branch of agriculture has … Continued


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Creative abilities of women have always had amazing results in history. Armenian women were distinguished by their ingenuity and agility, the basis of which was the insatiable desire to create something (Aghayan’s “Anahit” is one of the typical examples). Armine, … Continued

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