Bio-organic farming as an important component of horticulture

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Below are the pictures of Syunik-Development NGO’s demonstration orchards. Years ago dreaming of such a greenery would be an adventure. After the collapse of the Soviet Union due to lack of irrigation the green was a small ”oasis” here.

Over the years, due to the hard work, perseverance and consultation with European and Georgian partners, the NGO’s agricultural program team has been able to establish demonstration orchards based on modern methods.

The orchards serve as an educational center for local farmers for sharing experience, getting up to date farming skills and professional knowledge in the field.

The use of bio-organic agriculture methods and the exchange of information and experience among farmers is an important component in the cultivation of demonstration orchards.

In the process of orchard cultivation Syunik-Development NGO tries to replace the use of inorganic nutrients with the bio humus that is produced near the orchards.

You can find information materials about production of bio humus from Syunik-Development NGO and from the partner organization SHEN (