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Creative abilities of women have always had amazing results in history. Armenian women were distinguished by their ingenuity and agility, the basis of which was the insatiable desire to create something (Aghayan’s “Anahit” is one of the typical examples).

Armine, the heroine of our history, has a great love for designing and creating, for handing over the colors of the images of her surroundings to different pieces. The woman, known for her unique handicrafts, tried her luck in the field of #Batik art, where her successes started.

The six months Batik courses organized within the framework of the #Social_Development_program with the support of the German Brot für die Welt organization provided Armine with wide opportunities to participate in various exhibition-fairs, and other professional skill trainings.
Batik products even reached Canada.

”I didn’t expect such a great response during the first graduation exhibition, where my batik products were chosen to send to Canada. I was so obsessed with discovering this new world that I even worked at night. I couldn’t sleep quite, unless ՛՛their՛՛ final look was not over (at least in my eyes). I think the secret of my success has been my great love and devotion to my work,” says Armine.

Now everyone knows about her beautiful works. They surprise not only locals but also foreign tourists.

It’s time to discover the secrets of our favorite branch of art and make it an integral part of life, as the heroine of our history did.