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How to avoid dirty news effects, how to distinguish clear information from misinformation, when is the best time to present good and bad news, how to find reliable sources, and be careful of those.
Syunik-Development NGO continues the internship training carried out within the framework of its “Social development” program.
The purpose of this meeting-discussion was to analyze the role of the media field in the post-war situation.
During the two-day training, the NGO staff and young professionals/interns analyzed and identified existing media problems, found ways to solve them, and set goals and ways to achieve them.
Due to the practical tasks, the participants learned to assess emergencies, understood the need to get out of the crisis quickly, create and generate new ideas, and rediscover themselves morally and spiritually.
The training was conducted by Syunik-Development NGO independent consultant doctor Harutyun Harutyunyan.