Workshop / Conference on Youth and Peace

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The right perception and the correct use of peace has been the reason which gather together active youth both from Armenia and Georgia for the past few years.Youth who show strength and energy towards implementing peace, education, human rights, and who use social media as a platform to advocate towards these principles.

Within the framework of Syunik-Development NGO, the Social Development program and Youth for Peace project organizes conflict mediation and transformation trainings for active youth living in Armenia and Georgia. The aim of the training is to equip youth in their region with new skills and knowledge, who will apply their experience in similar projects and training.

On August 9th 2018, under the project Social Development (funded by German Brot für die Welt organization), Syunik NGO organized a workshop and a conference entitled Youth and Peace for 25 alumni of the project.

The participants were divided into three working groups,

  • Peace and social media,
  • Peace education,
  • Peace and human rights.

Each group discussed and presented the role, the importance of these topics and the available opportunities for youth in the process of peace building.

Artak Aloyan, Representative of American University in Armenia, facilitated the workshop.

The Peace and Education working group was facilitated by Hayarpi Aghakhanyan, a representative from the Christian Training Center of Vayots Dzor branch. The peace and Human Rights working group was facilitated by lawyer, Abgar Kliyan. The working group Peace and Social Media was facilitated by a journalist from the German ARD TV and candidate of social sciences, Louisa Gay.

One of the participants mentioned that the implementation of similar programs in the region plays a pivotal role for the youth in the process of peace building.