Syunik NGO Summer University is “Facing the Global Challenge of Climate Change: Our Future is in the Sustainable Environmental Development”

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Syunik NGO’s new initiative, a Summer Academy called Our Future is in Sustainable Environmental Development, was launched in the summer of 2010 in Syunik’s Siranuysh Camp facilities. University students from Armenia, Georgia as well as ethnic minorities from both countries came together to reflect on the issue of global warming and climate change through theoretical and practical activities. During their 21 days together, students had training on relevant topics, conducted research, and presented their endings in the form of articles and presentations. A trainer from Aarhus Environmental Center, conducted training sessions while leaders from the Acopian Center for the Environment in Yerevan worked with the students during the summer academy. A web page for the Summer Academy is under development that would provide more information on this project and also serve as a forum for students all over the world to share their ideas, opinions, and concerns regarding environmental issues.  The Summer Academy is funded by EED and implemented by Syunik NGO in cooperation with Gitelik University, the Branch of Economic University in Yeghegnadzor, NGOs representing ethnic minorities of Armenia, and the Educational and Employment Center from Georgia.